Hybrid Vehicles

***SOLD*** 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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63,000 miles

The miles tell the story on this Prius. The car is in very good condition.

I drove it down to our shop and got 62 mpg. It runs perfect. It looks great.

No issues, just a nice low mile car.

New third party inspection.

Financing is available

***SOLD*** 2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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145,000 miles

A really nice Prius that is just in.

This one will not be here for long, it is a really fine running car with no issues. We changed the front wheel bearings and did an oil change. Everything else works as it should.

Come in and take it for a spin!

Third party inspection.

Financing is available.

***SOLD*** 2005 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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128,000 miles

Yet another nice, low mileage Prius!

It only needed a new set of tires.

There are some scrapes on the sides of the car, but they are not very noticeable. They are not rusty and you have to look for them.

Look over the photos.

Other than that, it is ready to go. Runs fine.

New state inspection, done by a third party.

Financing available.

2005 Ford Escape Hybrid

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97,000 miles

This is a pretty nice one.

The front end has new lower control arms and bushings, new lower ball joints, new inner tie rod end. Replaced front bumper cover. Has repaired dent in rear quarter.

All undercoated with Fluid Film. Additionally, we removed the plastic rocker covers and went over the rocker panels.

New front brakes.

New rear caliper.

This is ready to go.

All wheel drive, but being a Hybrid, the mileage is good!

This is a rebuilt vehicle since we replaced the front bumper cover and repaired the rear dent. That was all the body repair this one needed.

Ready to go!

2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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167,000 miles

One thing I can tell you about our Priuses is that they do not last long on our lot.

This one needed very little. It came with relatively new tires and is good shape. We installed two new front wheel bearings and changed the oil.

Everything else is fine.

Another nice running car, all ready to go!

167k miles on it. Nothing for a Prius!

Financing is available.

2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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176,000 miles

Ah, green! As in springtime! When a young person's mind turns to thoughts of driving and long life.

And that means a Prius, right?

This one is a honey! We put in new front wheel bearings and it is ready to go.

In case you are unaware, Priuses last a very long time. And a used one has lost all that big money depreciation and is just broken in.

Don't believe me? Check Consumer Reports for the most reliable car.


It is springtime and you need a new car! Come check out this one today!

Third party inspection.

Financing available.