Hybrid Vehicles

*NEW* 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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187,000 miles

This is a very nice Prius with a little bit higher mileage.

And it had a tale of woe....

It would act up once in a while and not run right. We diagnosed it as an electric motor issue. The electric motor in the Prius is in the transaxle, so we replaced the transaxle with a low miles one (109k).

It now runs great. And the replacement transaxle comes with a 6-month, labor included warranty. I like that!

The rest of this fine running car has 187,000 miles on it. We also went through the hybrid battery and reconditioned it.

And now I like the rest of the car too.

Maybe you will, too!

Come test drive this affordable Prius.

See us for a Prius! We have others in the works.

Affordable and reasonable financing available!

2002 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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135,000 miles

This one came in last winter. It needed a hybrid battery rebuild and a new AC compressor. Comes with a set of studded snow tires.

Runs good!

Third party state inspection.

Financing available!