Hybrid Vehicles

*NEW* 2005 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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157,050 miles

Another decent, relatively low mile Prius for your review.

This one has two new front tires, a front wheel bearing, fresh oil change, and a new third party State of Maine inspection.

You can drive it away! Only 157k miles on it. Just a pup!

A couple of scratches here and there, but it looks and runs great.

Financing available!

2005 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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233,000 miles

Well, here is another interesting Prius. It has higher miles at 233,000, but it runs fine. The body is in pretty decent shape. Some wrinkles on one of the doors, but it is a pretty car and you will look good in it!

We cleaned the interior and went through it. Mechanically, it was ready to go. We just cleaned it up, changed the oil, and had it inspected by our independent mechanic who is very thorough and cuts no corners.

A great price for a decent, inspected car!

Financing is available if you need it!

See us for a Prius!

2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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124,000 miles

A very nice, very clean Prius with 124,000 miles on it. Well maintained.

I cannot come up with any story for this car other than it runs great and looks good. And doesn't it make sense to drive a Prius and be less affected by increases in gas prices?!

New third party state inspection.

Financing available.

2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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259,971 miles

This is one I almost would prefer not to sell, I want to keep it!

It is a high miles car, but appears to be dealer maintained.

It has 259k on it and needed nothing.

Given its age and condition, it's obvious these are highway miles.

And it has XM Radio!

Fresh oil change.

Third party state inspection.

Financing is available!

2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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163,000 miles

We have been finding some really nice newer Priuses lately. This is one of them.

Runs perfect. Been through the shop. New third party inspection. Fresh oil change.

XM Radio and the Superior Toyota Electronics. (I want to keep this one! I love the electronics in these.)

Financing available

2004 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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230,000 miles

So, if you read our ads, you know that we are not shy about higher mileage Priuses. In case you forgot, I will tell you why.

The electric motor picks up some of the work that the gas engine would normally do. And the transmission does not shift, so in some ways, it is simpler and more reliable.

All that said, we have one here at our shop with 388,000 miles on it! And it runs like all the rest.

I like that. I am not sure every Prius will go that far, but if you change the oil regularly and do not abuse them, they do last.

This one has 230k on it and just needed an oil change and is ready to go!

New inspection by a third party inspection station.

Financing available.

2005 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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210,000 miles

Another really decent used Prius.

This one has all new front wheel bearings and tie rods, inner and outer.

New front end alignment.

Fresh oil change.

New state inspection by third party garage.

Comes with a 14 day plate.

No document fees.

Only $3295 + sales tax and title!

Financing available.

2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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200,545 miles

Good running 2008 with all new tires. Fresh oil change, new front wheel bearing, and a new windshield. Ready for winter!

200k miles but as with any other Prius, you cannot tell unless you check the odometer.

New third party state inspection.

Financing available.