Hybrid Battery Servicing

Do you have a Prius with a Hybrid Battery that needs work? With our 25 years of experience with electric cars, we can rebuild Prius Hybrid Batteries in-house.

We service those hybrid batteries at the fraction of the cost of a new factory battery or a rebuilt parts store battery.

All cells are tested and the battery is balanced with replaced cells where needed.

Car is usually in and out the same day if dropped off in the morning.

Call or email Tom for more information!

***Please remove belongings from the trunk and back seat before bringing your hybrid in for a battery rebuild. The back seat needs to be removed from the car and the trunk area needs to be disassembled to access the hybrid battery.***

***If dropping off after hours, please leave your name and phone number in the car!***

Tom's musings on rebuilding hybrid batteries

We have been rebuilding Toyota Hybrid battery packs since we first started selling cars.

We rebuild Prius batteries for $650. There are some exceptions, but 99% cost $650.

Some insights that I can offer after going through many Prius battery rebuilds. 

1. We will scan your car for free. You do not have to go to a dealer and pay for that service. We can diagnose your hybrid issue with our dealer software. This should be done before any work is done on your car.

2. We can usually turn a hybrid battery rebuild around in a day, depending on how busy we are and the issues with your battery. We cannot have you wait while we fix your car. It can take longer than a day, especially if you have driven it to us, as we need to wait until the battery has cooled before we can work on it.

3. Rebuilds are warrantied for six months. Any subsequent work needed (which is unlikely) is discounted significantly (pro-rated over time). This warranty is to the original customer. 

4. We try to use only replacement cells from Maine cars. Many “remanufactured” hybrid packs use used cells of uncertain origin. Hybrid batteries from hot climates tend to fail prematurely, as they do not like hot climates. That is our blessing, living here in Maine.

5. Not all hybrid issues are related to the battery itself. Corrosion can occur on connectors. We have the spare parts to repair these issues.

Please note — if you have water leaking in the rear hatch, you need to fix the leak and/or keep water from pooling in the spare tire well!

6. A $20 OBD II scan tool is something to consider having in the 21st Century if you own any car! It can tell you something about those mysterious lights that come on your dash when you least expect it.

7. A new hybrid battery is about $3000. A used battery is about $500 - $800. A rebuilt battery from us has been scanned with a computer prior to being removed from the car, then has each cell tested individually. Any failed or failing cells are replaced and balanced to work properly with the rest of the battery. Once reassembled, the car is road tested with our battery software to make sure there are no other cells acting up. Sometimes marginal cells can be affected after failed cells are replaced. We will change out those cells if necessary. Road testing continues until we see a proper performing system.

8. We are insured to work on your hybrid battery. And have long experience (25+ years) with electric cars and batteries. I have been into batteries that were “rebuilt” by others, both small shops and large companies. There are varying degrees of workmanship. A hybrid battery has to be put back into commission with all the original safeties and components. This is a not an area to play with if you are unsure of what you are doing.