Gas Vehicles

***SOLD*** 2003 Acura MDX

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200,511 miles

This one is something else.

We got it online and it came with a misfire issue. After a lot of diagnosing, we decided to do a valve job on it, and all that goes along with that.

So, this car has 200k on it, which is nothing for an Acura.

BUT it has had a valve job, a new head gasket and associated gaskets, new timing chain, tensioner, and a new water pump. We also replaced a front control arm.

It is in excellent condition. Clean, not worn, interior.

No rust.

Great tires!

A well maintained car, except for the misfiring issue, which has been taken care of.

AND, it is not a lot of money.

AND, it has third row seating!

AND, as much as I want to keep it, I will let you have it for $4995

AND you will be happy!

Financing is available!

2005 Scion xB

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171,000 miles

This is a great running, inspected Scion xB.

EXCEPT, it seems to have a leaky head gasket. We have put a sealant in it, and it runs reasonably well, but still uses some fluid.

It might seal itself, it might not. You might try another sealant. We are currently running it without antifreeze, just water while we try what we perceive as a temporary fix.

A replacement used motor is $350 locally. We are not going to change out the motor.

But you can and get a great car for less than half the going price.

Or you can simply change the head gasket.

Alloy wheels.

Automatic Transmission.

We do not have time for this one and just want to cut our losses.

We will sell it as inspected with NO warranty on the motor.

NO financing on this one.

***SOLD*** 2008 Scion xD

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108,000 miles

Boy, do we love Scions! They are just great basic Toyota cars that have the same reliable drive train as many more expensive Toyotas.

They were introduced for Millennials who need a first car.

Well, boys and girls, I am nowhere near being a Millennial and I just think Scions are great cars at a great price point. And I enjoy driving them!

This one has all new tires on it and a new front end alignment. Fresh oil change. New third party state inspection.

This is a rebuilt vehicle. We repaired the front bumper cover and a small dent on the passenger side. That was it.

Fun car at a great price! Needs nothing but a driver!

Financing is available!

2003 Honda Element

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178,400 miles

I look at the Honda Element and think it is the successor of the old VW Bus. It has great utility, is so roomy and easy to maintain, that we are always looking for them.

And they are a lot safer and bigger inside than a VW ever was!

This is one we recently picked up. It had some rocker rust that we repaired with new metal. We also undercoated the whole car.

It also has all new tires, new rear brakes, a new front axle and sway link. We also replaced the exhaust resonator.

It comes with a new third party state inspection and oil change.

Ready to go for hauling stuff, camping, and fun! Back seats all move to the side for full access. These are very dog friendly cars!

Not a pristine vehicle, but ready for use and it looks good.

Automatic transmission with 178k miles on it. Typical Honda long lived vehicle.

AND All Wheel Drive for winter (which will probably be here before we know it)!

Financing is available.

2005 VW New Beetle

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182,000 miles

You say you want to make a statement with your car?

Well, this just might be the one.

It is an orange VW Beetle with an automatic transmission.

Comes with a spare set of studded tires in very good condition along with the regular all season tires on the car that are also great.

Runs good.

Fresh oil change.

New exhaust resonator.

AND it has a flower vase!

Another nice car!

Financing is available.

2008 Toyota Yaris

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181,000 miles

Here is another nice, efficient automatic Toyota.

2 doors, 4 tires, and fun to drive.

We have gone through it, and then our independent mechanic goes through it and inspects it. And when we're done, we offer it to you.

A nice car with a great pedigree.

Financing is available.

2011 Ford F150 4x4 V6

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198,873 miles

Nice newer truck that's proven its ability. It was previously run by a business (but not used for plowing.

NEW high quality sprayed bed liner

NEW front grill

NEW rear turn signals and lenses

NEW front brakes

NEW front upper control arm

NEW front ball joint

NEW transmission cooling lines

Runs good. No rust!

Price is rock bottom, blow out at $6495 FIRM, and may increase if it hasn't sold by 7/25.

A hard working truck for work and play!

Fresh 3rd party state inspection.

Financing is available!

1980 Honda Goldwing AS IS

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69,000 miles

This is something I picked up. I am not a motorcycle guy and know very little about them. It looks complete, except for the missing battery.

I did have it running, but it is not starting now. Great for parts or repair.

It is on a pallet. We can load it on your truck or trailer with our forklift.

Sold as is.

2006 Toyota Scion xA

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184,000 miles

Toyota's Scion x series are great cars. We have yet to run into one we haven't liked.

This is another sweet Scion. It is a 5 speed manual transmission with tires that look brand new.

It has 184k miles on it, but runs very good, as do most Scions.

They never last long on our lot.

This one has a rebuilt title. It had a small hit on the front bumper, but is all repaired and ready to go!

Runs and drives just like it should!

Financing is available.