Gas Vehicles

                  *LIMITED TIME OFFER*

From now until January 23rd, get $1 off every 1,000 miles on the car you're purchasing. Interested in the Prius with 210k on it? Get $210 off!

**REDUCED** 2008 Toyota Tacoma

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130,000 miles

An excellent work truck. There is a reason people love their Tacomas! They are just great, durable trucks.

Rebuilt vehicle - had a soft roll. A simple fix, and you save!

New windshield.

Two new wheels.

New front wheel bearing.

New front mirror.

New front fender.

New front brakes and rotors.

BIG aggressive tires that will take you anywhere.

AND it is four wheel drive!

All ready to roll.

Fresh oil change.

Fresh third party state of Maine inspection.

14 day temporary plate.

No document fees, ever! Just the cost of car, sales tax, and title!x

Affordable financing available.

**REDUCED** 2018 Vespa Primavera 50cc

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671 miles

An almost new Vespa! Not a hybrid, but too pretty to pass up.

It is a 50cc which means you do not need a motorcycle license to operate. You just need to be a licensed car driver!

Has a couple of scrapes on the side, which we have not touched up. And that is why this is only $2895!

Runs like new.

No rust. No shifting.

4 cycle motor.

Sold with bill of sale, which is all that is necessary for a 50cc scooter in Maine.

2007 Honda CRV LX

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131,000 miles

Finding nice CRVs is a challenge, and well, we found a BEAUTY! And it has relatively low miles. For a CRV, 131k miles is almost new!

In very nice condition. Very clean. Appears to be a one owner car.

Great tires and did I mention, it's ALL WHEEL DRIVE?! Laugh at snow!

Fresh oil change.

Fresh differential fluid change.

New third party state of Maine inspection.

14 day temporary plate.

No document fees, EVER!

Affordable financing available.