Gas Vehicles

*NEW* 2012 Fiat 500 POP

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36,000 miles

I could not pass this one up. A white Fiat with a red interior. Hate to use the word "cute" about a car, but this really IS a cute car!

Automatic transmission.

New front brakes, new 12v battery and new alternator.

Runs and goes good.

A small car that goes great.

And it only has 36,000 miles on it! Just a baby!

New third party state of Maine inspection.

Financing available.

*NEW* 2005 Honda Pilot

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125,000 miles

Boy howdy, this one is something.

It only has 125k on it. We put in a new radiator, changed the oil, and changed the transmission filter and fluid.

Leather interior, heated seats, third row seating.

XM Radio

All Wheel Drive

Great tires and brakes.

Ready to roll with a new third party state inspection.

Financing available.

2003 Honda Element

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141,000 miles

This one came to us with minor damage that was on the rear door. The door was operating okay, but some work was done on it.

Other than that, we replaced a VTECH valve and some front end suspension components.

This one has 141k on it and is ALL Wheel Drive.

Everything works well and it is in good condition.

Ready for snow (ugh, I know, but this will get you just about anywhere)!

These never last long on our lot, especially at this price.

Rebuilt title due to the door. We have a report on the car.

Financing available.

2009 Honda Fit Sport

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160,000 miles

Excellent gas mileage, smart seats, great commuter car and an amazing price.

Runs great. No issues.

Fresh oil change.

Fresh state of Maine inspection by a third party garage.

Get in and go!

Financing available.

2006 Toyota Scion xB

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181,000 miles

Another very nice Scion xB.

Tons of room inside and LOTS of visibility!

And these cars sip gas.

This one has new front brakes, replaced head gasket and studs.

AND it has the fancy alloy wheels.

Ready to go with 181k miles on it. Runs great.

New third party State of Maine inspection.

Financing available.

2005 VW New Beetle

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182,000 miles

You say you want to make a statement with your car?

Well, this just might be the one.

It is an orange VW Beetle with an automatic transmission.

Comes with a spare set of studded tires in very good condition along with the regular all season tires on the car that are also great.

Runs good.

Fresh oil change.

New exhaust resonator.

AND it has a flower vase!

Another nice car!

Financing is available.