Gas Vehicles

*NEW* 2005 Nissan Titan LE King Cab

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208,000 miles

A cherry red truck from Florida!

Runs and drives excellent.

New rear brake lines.

New front caliper.

Fresh third party state of Main inspection.

14 day temporary plates.

No document fees, EVER! Just pay the cost of the car, sales tax, and title.

Affordable financing available.

2005 Honda Element

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181,000 miles

This one has been in our shop for a while. It had a top end noise. We replaced the camshafts and cam journals. This work was done by a Honda mechanic. It runs reasonably well.

We are discounting it to get it out.

New front seat covers

New Vtech valve

Replace camshafts and journals in good condition

Fresh oil change

Fresh third party state of Maine inspection

All wheel drive

Moon roof

A wicked ton-a storage space with the easy to fold up, or completely remove seats!

14 day temporary plates

Sold as inspected with no additional warranty.

2001 Lexus ES300

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160,000 miles

It is hard to pass up a Lexus. I find it even harder to pass one up with wood trim on the inside. It is very easy to be shallow about a fancy interior because the rest of these cars are so well built.

This one is no exception.

We replaced the oxygen sensors, installed two new rear struts, and put on two new tires. It ran like butter before we did anything, and now it runs like even better butter!

Come run like butter. It is a LEXUS! Enough said!

14 day temporary plate.

14 day/500 mile warranty on inspection items.

Affordable financing available.