Gas Vehicles

2004 Honda CRV

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159,970 miles

You know, we concentrate our efforts on hybrid cars. But we also like to get in efficient, durable cars that we can trust will offer our customers a long, reliable life.

Hondas generally fit that bill. Honda CRVs are really impressive SUVs that we also like. They are hard to come by because people hang on to them, unless they trade in for a newer one. The problem is that they just last too darn long!

So, here is a find! It is in good shape and only needed a fresh oil change and a single sway link for inspection. I ran it during winter's last fling and was impressed by how well it handled in the snow. The sound system is equally impressive. It is just a nice car that we think you will like! It has some dings and minor blemishes, but I think that just adds some character.

Third party inspected.

Very reasonable financing available.

2006 Toyota Scion xA

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184,000 miles

Toyota's Scion x series are great cars. We have yet to run into one we haven't liked.

This is another sweet Scion. It is a 5 speed manual transmission with tires that look brand new.

It has 184k miles on it, but runs very good, as do most Scions.

They never last long on our lot.

This one has a rebuilt title. It had a small hit on the front bumper, but is all repaired and ready to go!

Runs and drives just like it should!

Financing is available.

2011 Vespa LX 50 4 Stroke

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427 miles

I love Vespas. This is a nice one that is ready to go. It is only 50cc, so no Motorcycle license is needed! No titles needed in Maine, either.

Couple of scratches, but runs good. Just in time for spring!

***SOLD*** 2000 Toyota Celica

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139,000 miles

Fast AND Cool!

This Celica needs a little love, but runs great. It is an as-is sale.

It has a six speed standard transmission and runs pretty good.

We did some exhaust work and replaced the serpentine belt so we could move it easily. ALL NEW rear brakes. Rear calipers also replaced.

It needs a strut, front sway links, and might need a rear cradle. This would be about $200-$300 in parts and be an afternoon or two project.

We will offer it for a fair bit more if we do the work. Right now, we are just trying to keep up with Priuses!

If you are having a mid-life crisis or just want to drive fast, this is your car! It just wants to GO!

Please it make it GO from here, it is another nice one!

We offer financing if you need it!